How the Law of Assumption Can Change Everything

By Luxurious Video

There are countless trends circulating social media that promise to help you manifest all of your desires with just a small shift in mindset. Vision boards and “faking it until you make it” seem like great ways to take manifestation to the next level, but none have proven their effectiveness for me personally.

Assume That You Already Have What You Want

There are various new trends promising that your dreams will become reality with just a change in mindset. One such practice, developed by American mystic Neville Goddard and known as The Law of Assumption, operates under the principle that whatever exists in your mind can become real in physical form.

The law of assumption might sound new to some people, but in actuality, it dates back to religious texts and ancient philosophy. Furthermore, this law is much easier to implement than many may believe.

Step one is introspection: taking an honest and objective look at yourself and the world around you and acknowledging all assumptions and beliefs about both. From there, challenge any negative or limiting ones while accepting positive ones as foundational values in your life that help manifest desires and build the life you deserve.

Assume That Your Desires Are Real

The Law of Assumption is an effective strategy that can help you realize your desires more easily. It works by shifting your mindset into positive expectation and believing it’s already happening; this technique has been around for centuries and documented in religion, philosophy, and psychology texts.

To implement this method, identify your existing assumptions and challenge them. Determine whether these ideas are helpful or harmful in your life before working towards turning them into positive ones. For instance, if you assume you lack creative talents and don’t possess any good ideas, procrastination could become an issue when it comes time to express them creatively.

When feeling uncertain or experiencing setbacks, remember that your external world is an extension of the state and consciousness within. Focus on altering inner assumptions to shift outer circumstances; this process may take time but the results are well worth your efforts!

Assume That You Can Achieve Your Desires

Assumptively believing you can attain your desires is the next step to using the Law of Assumption effectively, though this may take some practice to break away from old, unhelpful beliefs and start believing what it truly means to reach for what you desire. With practice comes delulu; eventually, it’s possible to believe whatever it is you desire is within reach!

Once you start believing this statement, your actions will follow suit, and your life will change accordingly. This powerful manifestation technique can help you build the life you have always imagined for yourself.

Assumption can be your secret weapon when it comes to manifesting love, financial abundance, or anything else you desire in your life. By believing you can achieve your desired desires and then expecting them to become reality with perseverance and determination – creating a life filled with beauty and happiness is worth your while! It might take longer but it will surely pay off!

Assume That You Are Already Living Your Dreams

As with the Law of Attraction, believing you’re already living your dreams can change everything. This concept isn’t some New Age pseudoscience; rather, it has ancient roots spanning religion, philosophy, and psychology.

This technique can help you manifest your desires by altering your beliefs and shifting the vibration of your internal state. However, this approach requires consistent effort, as it takes time for external reality to reflect new assumptions.

Start by identifying existing assumptions that are negatively reinforcing or self-limiting and challenging them. Next, spend some time visualizing and feeling your desired success, with all its feelings attached. By fully immersing yourself in the sensation of what success means for you and how it would feel to experience it, your desired result will begin manifesting into reality and you will experience spectacular results! Stay positive, no matter whether or not your outer world mirrors these new beliefs just yet; their rewards will more than makeup for the effort!