Top 10 Ways to Show Appreciation

By Luxurious Video

There are many different ways to show someone that you appreciate them. From sending a handwritten note to making a gift for a special occasion, there are plenty of ways to show someone that you care. Whether you have a friend who lives far away, you can still show your appreciation by making sure to take time out to make a thoughtful gesture.

Handwritten notes

Writing a handwritten note to your customers is a great way to build a relationship with them. Customers appreciate being recognized by brands and organizations, and sending a handwritten note can help them feel special. Not only will you be able to thank them for their business, but you’ll also build a strong relationship with them going forward.

Writing a handwritten note shows that you took time to think about the person who received it. The words on the note should be sincere, and you should try to use a cursive writing style to prompt your recipient to really appreciate your words. It also shows a deeper level of investment in your relationship with the other person. Even though writing a handwritten note requires a little time and money, it will be appreciated all the more if you take the time to do it right.


A gift to an employee can be a special and personal way to show your appreciation. Consider offering a day off to a team member or providing a gift card for a favorite restaurant. You can also offer free drinks or movie tickets. Employees will appreciate the extra help and support from their employers.

A thoughtful gift can show that you have put thought into your purchase. A personalized mug or journal with exotic spices is a special touch. Another idea is to burn a CD with the person’s favorite songs. You can also give homemade treats, such as gourmet popcorn kernels.

Special occasions

Sending a card on a special occasion is a nice touch that makes a person feel appreciated. These occasions can be anniversaries of work, special projects, and the welcome of new employees. Some companies even have online forms to submit cards for a wide range of life events. Card stations can also be set up in the office so that everyone can send cards to one another.

Customer Appreciation Day is a great opportunity to celebrate your team. Many companies create events and activities for their customers during Customer Appreciation Day or another special occasion. You can also arrange a pop-up experience for your customers to celebrate your business. You can advertise these events through social media to get the word out. In 2016, IKEA launched a pop-up restaurant series, and the Cartoon Network show Rick and Morty organized a traveling pop-up giveaway.

Happy-hour events

Happy-hour events are a fun way to show appreciation to your team. You can host local comedy acts that can entertain your employees. These performers are great at reading their audience and getting them involved in their activities. They can also make your team laugh by performing mimicry acts. Food is also an important part of happy-hour events. You can host a cookie-baking competition or have an employee write a funny prank on their coworkers.

Happy-hour events can be a fun way to entertain your staff and let them relax after a long day. You can arrange for a guest speaker to speak for 15 to 20 minutes. Afterward, allow time for questions and networking. Another fun idea for a work happy hour is to organize an open mic for employees to entertain one another. However, this event should be announced well in advance so employees can practice their acts and perform for their coworkers.

Recognition of social media

Social recognition is an effective way to increase employee engagement. It builds hype and creates stronger bonds between co-workers. It can also help establish psychological safety for everyone within an organization. But it must be incorporated into a company’s culture. A social recognition program is best when it is woven into the company’s operations.

When implementing a social recognition program, ensure that it is inclusive and easy for employees to use. It should also be easy to publicize the recognition, whether through a company-wide newsfeed or a brief email highlighting an employee’s accomplishments. Some platforms offer features such as highlighting the sender and the recipient so that employees can easily share the message.

Organizing events

Organizing events to show appreciation is essential in keeping employees engaged and happy. Employees are the backbone of any business, and employee appreciation is important year-round. In addition to annual Christmas parties, companies should host events throughout the year to recognize the contribution of every employee. Whether it’s a birthday party for the newest member of staff or a thank-you dinner for the most loyal customers, employee recognition can help your business achieve its goals.

Organizing events to show appreciation can be simple or elaborate, depending on your budget and the number of attendees. You can even send a handwritten note to your volunteers, as everyone loves receiving mail. Alternatively, you can set up a video conference to thank your volunteers in person or virtually. Whether you choose a casual event or a more formal one, make sure to include the most valuable volunteers.